How it works client ?

What kind of job I can post ?

Anything or any idea that first comes to your mind which can be done through computer or a laptop in hand can be posted on FlitLance.

Whether it is-

  1. Writing
  2. Designing
  3. Programming
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. Developing
  6. Accounting and much more.

What freelancers can do for you ?

Just categorize your requirement and get a bulk of freelancers stand for you. Freelancers are capable of -

  1. Working upon a fresh idea
  2. Taking you out from the midst
  3. Taking you to the right path from the wrong harbor
  4. Working as an individual
  5. Forming a team for your business growth
  6. Ranging from writing a small article to developing a fully functional software application

How do I hire the perfect freelancer for my job?

From the bulk of freelancers that fits for your job, hiring a perfect one is a very simple analysis. You can practice the following steps -

  1. Check out freelancer’s portfolio
  2. Previous work
  3. Skills
  4. Client ratings
  5. Past experience

Also you will get recommendations from FlitLance according to your project category. Just interview the freelancers and get them hired.

How to track the progress of project ?

Do not forget to keep in touch with your Freelancer. Freelancer will update you the status of project progress either hourly or weekly or on monthly basis according to the project completion duration

How secure payments will be done to freelancers?

Payment will be released only after the pre decided milestone and your approval to the progress of the project.

Secure Payment System enables you to pay to freelancers only for the work you approve to be correct. When you will pay, the payment will be safe with us until you do not get assured about the work done by freelancers and approve to it.

After your approval, the funds will be released deducting 10% of the fee they charge to you.

You can pay us using any of the following payment methods-

  1. PayPal
  2. Wire Transfer
  3. Credit Card/Debit Card

How it works freelancer ?

What type of projects I can get on FlitLance ?

FlitLance has a stockpile of categories under which a project can fall. A FlitLancer will explore the projects by categories depending on his skills.

How to start with FlitLance as a FlitLancer ?

Starting with FlitLance is as simple as seeing a dream of fulfillment of your wishes. Just follow these steps-

  1. Register yourself as FlitLancer on FlitLance
  2. Build an attractive profile as it will showcase your potential
  3. Add professional skills & experience as it will help clients to find you and based on that our search engine will also recommend you to the clients

The more attractive and significant your profile would be, better would be the chances of getting jobs.

How the client will hire a FlitLancer ?

It is just like a conventional searching process.

  1. FlitLancer will search for the project based on the categories according to his skills
  2. After choosing the project he wants to work on, he can bid on that project
  3. A proposal will be sent to client by FlitLancer showcasing his skills, previous work, past experience, price quotation etc

How a FlitLancer can get a hike ?

A FlitLancer can easily grow his business with FlitLance, all he need to do is to keep in mind the following things-

  1. Serve the best of his knowledge to the clients
  2. Pre or on time delivery of product to the clients
  3. Regular updation of his profile
  4. Maintaining constant relationships with the clients

How a FlitLancer will be paid for his work ?

All the payments to the FlitLancers will be done through FlitLance secure payment system. The process is as follows-

  1. After the allotment of the project to the FlitLancer by client, the payment will be released by the client that will be credited in FlitLance’s account
  2. As soon as the pre decided deadline of the project is met, the FlitLancer can request for payment release
  3. After the approval of request from client, the payment will be released to FlitLancer’s account
  4. 10% of the amount that is billed to client by the FlitLancer will be deducted from the transfer

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