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Seldrick De Leon

Freelance Web Developer

I'm Seldrick, a freelance Web Developer, Web & Graphic Designer. I have 2 years experience in this field. I'm currently accepting PHP, HTML, HTML5,
CSS, CSS3, CMS, Javascript, Wordpress & Photoshop p...

Skills : Adobe Photoshop PHP phpMyAdmin HTML HTML5 psd to html WordPress JavaScript CSS CSS3


Edser Soriao

Graphic Designer

Self motivated man. Open to other's ideas. I am working with confidence and thinking out my box. I am very good in doing logos ang branding....

Skills : .NET Framework


Joy Mayrena

Web Developer

Hi, my client is a web developer. He is a responsive designer and be able to get in touch with you through SKYPE. He makes websites starting from
$99. $99 website includes: 5 Page website, 1 Doma...

Skills : Web design Website Development


Allen Jerick Gabriel

Graphic Artist

Logo design Corporate Branding Brochure layout and designs Book cover design (Ebook,Fiction/Non-fiction,Textbook) Magazine cover and inside
pages design Menu board design CD sleeves design...

Skills : Acrylic Painting


John Warren TaƱiza

Web Developer

I have a strong background web development environment with some frameworks. I always enjoy what i do. I always willing to work with less supervision....

Skills : .NET Compact Framework


Cyrene Angel Villavicencio

Graphic Designer

Hi I am a Filipino Graphic Designer/ Web designer who loves to create designs based on the latest trends. I can visualize, conceptualize, and
implement designs for mobile and web applications that wil...

Skills : Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator


Placido Labor

Freelance Admin Support

I have several years of Accounting Assistant experience provide administrative support to accountants, undertaking different task such as posting all
payments collections, prepare invoices and sales o...

Skills : Microsoft Office Google Docs Bookkeeping Accounts Receivable Management Accounts Payable Management


Philip Prado

Software Engineer

i create a student time in time out with payroll system i can crate also a respponsive website if you hire me i will assure your guarantee ...

Skills : Responsive Web Design


James Karl Quino

Web Developer

Hard working and very responsible for coding and modifying website with an on time delivery as soon as possible. Positive attitude, team player and
approachable employee....

Skills : HTML5 PHP CSS3 JavaScript jQuery AJAX CodeIgniter Laravel Framework Adobe Photoshop MySQL Programming


Ben Lorenzo Magbanua

Junior Developer

I am a 4th year undergraduate student in University of San Jose - Recoletos taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology majoring Android
Application Development. I am passionate in coding ...

Skills : Java Android App Development Android Android SDK


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