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October 2017


Giza, , Egypt

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My name is Mahmoud Marzouk Omar and I'm here to turn your ideas into reality. I am a professional and commitment mobile apps developer who you can depend on, I have started my journey after graduation from science faculty Cairo university in 2013 as a software engineer, I work for Allianz Group as Java developer. I attended Android Apps Development course which made be able to follow material design standards to produce neat designs and beautiful apps with keeping into consideration high performance levels and good functionalities Some of my responsibilities include: - Programming the processing logic for Android Apps (Java) - Programming XML layouts for Android Apps - Drawing and designing graphic components and images - Configuring the build process via Gradle and its declarative DSL (Groovy) - Integrating third party client-server services, such as AWS (Amazon) and Firebase - Creating multiple build variants of .apks (free, paid, demo, release, etc). - Implementing native code with the Android NDK - Creating an .apk for various devices (to support different screen sizes and dpi quantities) - Integrating open source SDK(s) into Android Projects - Maintaining organized repositories (on GitHub) - Creating an .apk that supports multiple languages (language locales) - Testing - Debugging - Integrating Google APIs - Thinking critically and applying the software engineering approach to problem solving - Managing the development project and scope - Creating my own typefaces (fonts) - Using audio software to create original sound-clips (that are to be used in Android Apps) As of now, I have written programs in the following languages: • Java • Java (Android APIs) • SQL • MySQL • SQLite • Database languages (PL/SQL) I have both excellent oral and written communication skills. I have been praised in the past for my ability to complete projects on-time and even ahead of schedule (whilst demonstrating the highest amount of quality). Along with my technical expertise, I also offer skills in Project Management. When working on an app, I understand that there are essential components that are needed for the project to run smoothly and without problems. I place the highest importance in communication with my clients as this is one of the key determinants of a successful project.

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Software Developer

Allianz, 2013 - Present (7 Years)




Science, 2008 - 2012 (4 Years)

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