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I am a creative and self-motivated individual who enjoys working in a team, and building websites. I have extensive experience working with WordPress and the Divi 3.0 builder from Elegant Themes. It’s truly amazing that you can now design websites completely on the front-end with the Divi visual builder, without much use of code. Please feel free to take a look at my portfolio: My personal website: metrodezign.com Two other sites built using Divi 3.0: Ivanespiniosa.org Ether-machine.com I have spent time learning SEO and using plugins such as Yoast for optimization on my own websites. I also have some experience with PHP/HTML/CSS. Another passion of mine, is developing compelling stories through video production using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and DSLR cameras since 2012. I also have some working knowledge of the NewTek TriCaster. I was exposed to live streaming and television equipment in a TV Production class I took at McFatter Technical Center in Davie, Florida. I was also enrolled at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, in New York’s El Barrio community, working with DSLR cameras, TV production equipment, and video editing software, including Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. During my first year at Evergreen State College, in Washington, I produced three short documentaries using a Canon Rebel T5i and Adobe Premiere Pro: "Flesh of Earth" and “Duality, Destruction and Desire,” both involving Butoh dance performance productions by students at Evergreen State College, and “Common Bread,” about a student interfaith group focused on weekly community gatherings and potluck dinners on campus (see links on the attached resume). All three documentaries provided me with a rich experience working with students, getting a better understanding of their creative work as dancers and performers, and developing my own skills in filming and editing. I have also edited shorter, simpler films using Premiere Pro to edit stock footage. These videos include “Bone Shelter” -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFHaxDxI2vU , “Humanity” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gao7FlscV7M), a video that puts together the minds of American writer Charles Bukowski and Zen philosopher Alan Watt; and “Void” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpqlUIzXroA), a video that illustrates core concepts of Zen Buddhism and in which I used my own voice for the narration; and “Patrick Star” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcl4zwR0L4s), a music video using footage from SpongeBob Square Pants. All of these videos were excellent opportunities to practice the use of special effects and music to tell a compelling story.

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