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Il-qala, , Malta

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I am a international freelance creative graphic designer. Italian descendant, born in Brazil, have been living in Brazil, Italy, UK and now I am based in Malta. I love the feeling of be part of the world more than be from just one place. The question more difficult to me answer at the moment is: “Where are you from?”. Besides from be traveling the world, I have a wide professional experience of 10 years covering all major aspects of graphic design: logo & corporate identity, print, web, promotion, advertising and photography. My illustration and photo works are also present at every major microstock agencies (iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia…) I’d say that my strengths are mainly: (1) a stronger sense of effective design (2) an insatiable thirst to learn everything I possibly can and (3) accustomed to performing in tight deadlines with an emphasis on working within budget requirements. To me, Graphic Design is Art. It is the best way to release my creative energy. I love to apply the various elements of design, such as typography, proximity, color, alignment and so forth, to create a piece of art which can send a clear message to the world. Please, feel free to take a look in some of my works at my website: and my Facebook page:

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