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Owerri, , Nigeria

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Ebenezer Nkanta is an Entrepreneur with the passion to simplify technology activities and bring them into an ecosystem of usage and growth for everyone. He's a man with the simple belief that technology is that tool that can help amplify human ingenuity, creativity and experiences. He's an IT consultant with proven results that helped him become the founding CEO and co-founder ARIARIAEXPRESS GLOBAL (a project that is aimed at making ARIARIA INTERNATIONAL MARKET and other mega markets in Nigeria as portable as a hand bag and to make Aba the China of Africa). Founding CEO and co-founder SAILAUX WORLD (a company that is creating a platform for things, organisations, companies, applications/tools to be brought together into an ecosystem of usage and growth). He's also the co-founder Beyond Barriers BrainPower social organisation (aimed at raising the next generation of intellectual giants). Finally, Ebenezer Nkanta strongly believes that the economy of today and tomorrow will rely on a platform and ecosystem approach and that sustainable growth can only be achieved when enterprises operate within an ecosystem, participate in collective development and share common interest. He works on building an ecosystem of IT; a family that will amplifier the ingenuity and creativity of the likes mind.

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