Mohammad Shahid

$18 USD / Hours

Xamarin .net developer

  • Ahmedabad, India
Xamarin development with MVVM patter, Angular 8 and Developer. Jquery, angular js and webapi development. Go..

Kax Miller

$12 USD / Hours

Web developer

  • Kohiwala, Pakistan
i'm passionate web developer having experience of around 7 years - i have done many projects for some clients but mainly my f..

Prashant Kandel

$10 USD / Hours

web and mobile app developer

  • Kathmandu, Nepal
Im a freelancer form Nepal looking for works. I'm current studying Bachlors in Engineering Information Technology (BEIT).

Saransh Rana

$15 USD / Hours

Web Developer

  • Jaipur, India
I am a freelance web developer and can develop webites at the minimal cost and in much less required time.

Jean-Christophe C.M. Boug...

$50 USD / Hours

Creative web& Graphic designer

  • Chaudfontaine, Belgium
I’m a 36 years old employee & Freelance Designer from Belgium. Currently based in Liège, I love everything that has to do wit..

Faeez Saleem

$3 USD / Hours

WordPress / Custom Web Developer / Plugi...

  • Karachi, Pakistan
I have got 5 years of experience in web technologies with proven record of delivering high business value product to the end ..

Somenath Roy

$15 USD / Hours

web designer

  • Kolkata, India
I am a good web designer . If I work with me then I can understand. All kind of web design problem I can solved

Kim Carlo Cortez

$15 USD / Hours

Web Developer

  • Cabanatuan, Philippines
I am highly motivated person, enjoys and accepts a challenge, and willing to learn new technologies in order to improve knowl..

Manjeet Kumar Nai

$9 USD / Hours

Professional Software Developer

  • Gorakhpur, India
I am a Professional Software and Website Developer. More then 5 years of experience in IT Industry. my main moto is provide b..

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Vinamra Parasha... $50 / Hr
Python developer India

Manish $1000 / Hr
Python Developer India

Soumen Pandit $10 / Hr
software Developer India

Rohit $1000 / Hr
Python developer India

Hatim Hussain $40 / Hr
Academic research India

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