$8 USD / Hours


  • Casablanca, Morocco
i'm mohcine and i'm designer


$100 USD / Hours

Video making

  • Rabat, Morocco
Hello, I'm Tariq from Morocco, I can make videos such as trailers, introductions, short videos ... I made many videos for me ..

Mohamed Laghzali

$5 USD / Hours

Web specialist

  • Kenitra, Morocco
I am Computer Engineer. I can do hardware projects as well software web development and design tasks. I can also make Home As..

Hassan Boumhi

$20 USD / Hours


  • Casablanca, Morocco
my name i hassan and im from morocco and im a pro designer i worked in many frelance jobs and i decided to take my chances h..


$15 USD / Hours

Full-stack developer

  • Casablanca, Morocco
My name is Amine Karimi, 19 years old, i'm a student I am the best in creating: - PSD to HTML - Design a one-page Website. - ..

Mohamed Amine Mrhili

$3 USD / Hours


  • Kenitra, Morocco
iam a php full stack ingénieur and love work with laravel

Nassim Asrir

$10 USD / Hours

Ethical Hacker / Security Researcher

  • Marrakech, Morocco
Ethical Hakcer / Secuirty Researcher My Discovered vulnerabilities:

Hicham Askour

$15 USD / Hours

Web designer/Front-end developer

  • Marrakech, Morocco
My name is Hicham Askour , I’m an expert web designer/front-end developer. For over the last four years I have created/design..

Huyam Hassani

$25 USD / Hours

Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Rabat, Morocco
Website: www.division-h.come My instagram: hammyhugy My facebook: huyam Hassani I'm a graphics designer I work with Illus..

Abderrahamane Makhlouf

$10 USD / Hours

Android application developer - web site...

  • Casablanca, Morocco
Autonomous, polyvalent and curious, I started this activity as a leisure and then I made it my job by passion, I choose it fo..

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Vinamra Parasha... $50 / Hr
Python developer India

Manish $1000 / Hr
Python Developer India

Soumen Pandit $10 / Hr
software Developer India

Rohit $1000 / Hr
Python developer India

Hatim Hussain $40 / Hr
Academic research India

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